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Crumbl Cookies

There is a new shop in town called Crumbl Cookies. Naturally, I was unable to resist visiting this new place since I love cookies. The store is located in a clean and modern shopping center in Chantilly.

When entering the store, there is a sample display of all the cookies for sale that day. Some cookies are served warm, others at room temperature, etc. The store also serves ice cream, water and milk. What could be more classic than cookies and milk?

Cookie Store
Sample of Cookies for Sale

Cookie Taste Test at Crumbl

This was my first visit to Crumbl and I sampled a huge cookie filled with M&M candies. Each cookie is large and very thick so it serves more than one. The center of the cookie is very soft and chewy.

If you look carefully in the above photograph, the store, also, sells a circular pink cookie cutter that will cut your cookie into four equal pieces for sharing.

Outside of Crumbl Store

Each week the cookie menu changes giving customers four to five different flavors.

The store also sells smaller cookies for catering events.

History of Crumbl Cookies Stores

The first Crumbl Cookies store began back in 2017 by two cousins in Logan, Utah. The cousins were looking for a perfect cookie.

Crumbl store’s website states they continually research new cookie types by evaluating popular foods, desserts, and candies.

They also want customers to be able to see the cookies being made fresh daily in the store.

When purchased, the large cookies are packed into special pink boxes insuring the cookies arrive at their location in perfect condition.

Cookie Store Sign

Crumbl’s Store Sign

Cookie Store

Crumbl’s Cookies pink single serve cookie box.

The stores are also closed on Sundays to give their employees a day of rest.

Ending Notes on Crumbl Cookies

A special thank you to Keon for answering my questions and for allowing me to take photographs of the store.

Keon was very friendly, polite and really did know the history of the first Utah store.

This was my first visit to the store, but not my first Crumbl cookie. I actually tasted their pancake cookies last week. Yum or should I say, “nom nom nom”.

Cookie Store
Crumbl’s Pancake Cookies

A Special Thank you to Keon of the Crumbl Cookies store in their Chantilly location.

Cookie Shop

Crumbl Cookies Window Display.

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