Compass Coffee

Today while in the Fairfax neighborhood, we stopped in Compass Coffee a fairly new coffee shop.

The modern store has high ceilings and is nicely decorated. They are known for their freshly roasted coffee beans, but also sell merchandise related to their coffee. The store sells anything from coffee pods to tote bags.

The below photograph shows some snacks to go with that cup of coffee.

There are also areas to sit outside to enjoy your brew. However, today Storm Ian was passing through, so things are pretty wet outside.

As you walk in the front door, there is a fresh bowl of water for your service dog to enjoy.

Snacks and Coffee Related Merchandise

Compass Coffee Background History

Compass Coffee is an American coffee roaster originally based in Washington, DC and now with locations in Virginia. It was founded back in 2014 by Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez.

Compass Coffee Display Area

Visiting the Compass Coffee Store

The store was fairly crowded, but they still had some open seating. Today It was cold and damp, so a perfect day to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

They also have a few “Pick Up & Go Zones” reserved parking spots. So anyone needing a quick cup of coffee can find an easy parking space, zip in and pick it up.

Compass Coffee, Seating Area

Coffee Store with “All Person” Bathrooms

I used the bathroom and stopped a moment to take in the bathroom signage. The store has “All Person” bathrooms.

I really think this is great idea because so often the women’s bathrooms are tied up. This gives everyone a quick bathroom choice.

All Person Restrooms

Ending Notes

It was nice to see a new coffee shop in town.

Thank you to Walter for allowing me to blog and take photographs of their Fairfax store.

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