AI Recipes

Looks like once again we are going to talk about artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, AI recipes. Artificial Intelligence is a computer program that understands and processes the human language. This allows AI to answer questions, translate language, and even come up with food recipes.

Using AI Recipes

Gone are the days, when test kitchen cooks spent a lot of time making and remaking a particular dish. It would be tweaked along the way, ingredients added or subtracted, cooking times tested, etc., until the dish was perfect. Then, a photograph would be taken to go along with the recipe.

Instead of cookbooks many times people will go online to a cooking blog they trust or other food websites for recipes. So, it is not a far stretch, to think they would also check out some AI recipes online.

IA Generated Recipes

According to my research, one issue with bot-generated recipes is that food images they generate might be different from what the dish actually looks like. For example, a shrimp with two tails.

IA generated recipes are useful to those who want to make something with the items they have on hand to reduce food waste.

Overstuffed Recipe Box

Concluding Remarks of IA Recipes Blog

I was a little curious about what a AI recipe would look liked. So I looked up a bot generated recipe for great chocolate chip cookies. Guess what, it was the same recipe I would use to make regular chocolate chip cookies. It contained the same ingredients, same way to make the cookies, same baking time, etc. There was absolutely no special or unusual ingredients in them.

So, I guess we will all have to wait and see what’s next for technology and for those using AI recipes.

Happy Cooking in the Kitchen!

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