2022 After Christmas Sale

After Christmas Sales

I’m always shopping money-saving After Christmas Sales because you never know what bargains you’ll find.

Merrifield Garden Center

As luck would have it, I noticed a note on my email about the After Christmas Sale at my local Merrifield Garden Center.

So, I dropped in the indoor garden center while getting a load of fire wood for my fireplace.

Lots of people came to shop and take advantage of the great sales prices. Many happy shoppers had their arms full of delightful holiday merchandise to use next year.

The garden center also set up a refreshment table of punch and butter cookies for all the shoppers plus popcorn. I had a glass of refreshing punch and some cookies.

After Christmas Sales, Merrifield Garden Center

Free punch and butter cookies set out on a festive table for shoppers.

A green and red tablecloth covers the table.

Orchids in Bloom

I roamed over to the greenhouse, and noticed all the orchids in bloom and wanted to add a few photographs to today’s blog. However, I don’t believe any of the orchids were part of the after Christmas sale.

A row of large white orchids with white crocks are placed among other plants in the greenhouse.

The pristine white orchids seem to stretch to the glass ceiling.

Merrifield Garden Center
Merrifield Garden Center
Orchids on Tables, 12-26-2022

In the below photograph, on the left hand side, is a grouping of artificial Christmas trees which were part of the after Christmas sale.

2022 After Christmas Sale
Groupings of Colorful Orchids

A nice employee came over to ask if I needed help with the orchids and he gave me an information sheet on orchids.

He felt the main thing people do to harm their orchids is to overwater them.

Ending Notes on After Christmas Sales

On the holiday light section of the store, I purchased a few items.

It seems like I’ve been looking forever for fairie lights for an upcoming fireplace mantel decorating project. So, I purchased the garden store’s last two boxes of fairie lights. This must be a popular items with other shoppers.

I’m planning to the wrap the small fairie lights around a couple of large candles and then cover the whole thing with some type of glass cover or lantern. Because I don’t have the candles yet, that might be another shopping excursion. The fairie lights can also be used to wrap around indoor plants for an enchanting look.

Merrifield Garden Center

In case you are not familiar with fairie lights, they come in a package about the size of a deck of cards.

These warm white LED fairie Lights are 19 feet long and come with a timer. They work with three AA batteries which are not included.

For now, it looks like I’ll be slowly taking down all the Christmas decorations and packing them away for another year.

That is, except for the fairie lights. Readers look forward to another FMB home decorating project.

A Big Thank you to Daniel of Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their terrific store.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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