Visiting Vienna, VA

White Church White Church

Sunday was a perfect day for a drive.

We ended up in Vienna, VA.  It’s a charming town with both a modern and old time vibe.

Due to COVID-19, all the photographs were taken while in my car.

I liked this well kept old white church shown in this photograph.

The white clouds in the background seem to magically accent the steeple.

Vienna’s history goes back to 1740 when the town was settled by Colonel Charles Broadwater.  It was originally named Ayr Hill which was later changed to Vienna.


Vienna has several nice antique shops to browse around in.

It is always nice to buy something with a history to it.

Some of the antique shops had their merchandise on the sidewalk so people walking by could get a closer look.

Antique Store with Vintage Items on Sidewalk Antique Store with Vintage Items on Sidewalk Antique Shop Antique Shop

Of course, there are also regular stores, businesses, and restaurants to enjoy.

I like the happy shade of green paint on the door and window awning of this shop.

Interestingly, Vienna was also the site of a Civil War conflict called the “Battle” of Vienna.

Store Store Flag Poles Flag Poles

Vienna’s Town Green has a grouping of three flags and was set up as a center for the public arts and musical entertainment.  It is also the site of the original Vienna library.

Surrounding the flags were large cement crocks planted with a blaze of colorful flowers.

People were grouped here enjoying the shade of the trees.

This new store in Vienna has a sign out front offering people free coffee.

Who doesn’t enjoy a free cup of java?

We didn’t stop in but I wish we could.

We hope you enjoyed this short Farmhouse Magic Blog trip to Vienna.

Free Coffee Sign Free Coffee Sign

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