Vintage Clear Glass Candlestick Holders

Today In my blogdom, instead of reviewing the tax paperwork, I’m cleaning my collection of old candlesticks and photographing them.

Take a look at the photograph on the right and see if you can tell the vintage pieces from the newer pieces.

The majority of the pieces are clear pressed glass.

Assorted Glass Candlestick Holders, etc. Assorted Glass Candlestick Holders, etc. Vintage Berwick Boopie Bead Clear Glass Candlestick Holders Vintage Berwick Boopie Bead Clear Glass Candlestick Holders

I own three of these vintage Anchor Hocking candlestick holders in the Berwick Boopie Bead Ball pattern in clear crystal from the 1970’s.

The candlesticks are about 2 5/8-inches tall and 5/8th-inch across the bottom.  I saw these priced online at $10 to $35 a pair.

I picked these up for a dollar or less from a second hand store.

This clear glass candlestick holder on the right is vintage.  It was actually owned by my great uncle.

He kept a religious candle in it.

The glass is not exactly clear and it shows signs of use.

There is a crack in the top where a candle burned too low or it had some other mishap.

Great Uncle's Candlestick Holder Great Uncle’s Candlestick Holder Bobeche Collection Bobeche Collection

The photographs on the right shows an assortment of bobeches.  I am a big bobeche fan since I absolutely hate candle wax on my good tablecloths.

I have both a set of clear glass bobeches and two white ceramic bobeches encircled with a thin line of gold paint.

None of these are vintage.

The photograph of the below candlestick holder shows a two candle holder made by the Jeannette Glass Company in the 1950’s.

It was made in the “Louisa” pattern.  It was marked vintage and I purchase it for either four or five dollars.  The Jeannette Glass Company also made this pattern in the floragold Louisa pattern with iridescent glass.  I saw this candlestick pattern in iridescent glass priced at $22.00.

It has a vintage pattern look. The candle bowls are also slightly larger than one would expect.  The pressed glass seems sturdy.  The glass is also slightly discolored and not crystal clear.

Sturdy Clear Double Candlestick Holder Sturdy Clear Double Candlestick Holder Fan Shaped Double Candlestick Holder Fan Shaped Double Candlestick Holder

This fan shaped double candle stick holder is much newer than the other ones.  It has a seam over the bottom which indicated newer glassware.  It was made in an art deco design.  I’m thinking about 1980’s era.

The candlestick holder seems too small to be vintage and the glass is too clear.

It was, also, purchased in a second hand store.

This photograph shows two Eastland Taper Candlestick holders from about the 1970’s.  They are approximately four inches high.

This is a nice size to fit on a table with a lot of holiday dishes on it.

Eastland Taper Candlestick Holders Eastland Taper Candlestick Holders Candlesticks on Green Tablecloth Candlesticks on Green Tablecloth

Now I need to put all these items away but please leave us a note if your liked today’s blog.

A candle will light the way but make sure it is in a candlestick holder.


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