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Vintage Canning Jars

At the end of summer, many gardeners find themselves with an excess amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and might think of Vintage Canning Jars. There is no better way to make good use of extra fruits and vegetables than to can them. Making pickles, chutney, jams and jelly is a great way to avoid tossing out valuable produce.

Don’t Waste Food, Use Vintage Canning Jars

So, in looking around on the internet, there are some interesting facts on canning in the Smithsonianmag.com. However, I am not an expert on canning or dating canning jars.

Because of the COVID virus, food is very valuable and many people are again interested in canning produce. This history of canning goes back to 160 years ago. Early canners melted bars of paraffin wax to form an air-tight seal over jars.

Vintage Canning Jar History

On November 30, 1858, John Mandis Mason patented a threaded screw-top glass jar to be used for canning. However, he did not patent the special screw top lids they used.

When his jar patent expired in 1880, five Ball brothers got together and for $200 purchased the Wooden Jacket Can Company out of Buffalo, NY. The company was soon producing cans and popular glass jars.

Some major brands of vintage canning jars are Mason, Ball and Atlas.

The below photograph shows a couple of vintage blue canning jars.

The Ball jar on the left is from 1923 to 1933.

The Ball jar on the right with the line under the Ball name dates from 1910 to 1923.

Victory Gardens and Canning Jars

Interest in canning really boomed during World War II when resources were scarce. People grew Victory Gardens and canned their extra produce. This was because canned foods were eaten over the winter months.

Things began to slowly change in the 1940’s for canners, when frozen food became available. Thus, there were fewer people canning and needing canning jars.

The canning jar on the right is a Ball Ideal jar with a bail wire.

It dates from 1933 to 1962.

Today the Ball Corporation no longer makes canning jars. In April of 1993, the Ball Company spun off and eventually was named Jarden. Then In 2016, Newell Rubbermaid purchased Jarden which included Ball, Yankee Candle, and FoodSaver brands. As of this blog, the Ball canning jars are made by the Newell Brands.

The photograph on the left, shows a Presto canning jar lid at the top which uses the glass lid under it.

The zinc lid is on the right hand side lower.

Ball Corporation Today – Aerospace

The original Ball company needed to diversify into other fields to remain current. So. the Ball Corporation out of Colorado went into making aluminum cans and entered the aerospace industry producing items for the government, NASA and others.

The below photograph shows a couple of Ball aluminum cups which keeps cold beverages extremely cold and frosty. These cups can be reused or forever recycled. They also need to be hand washed.

Ball Corporation
Ball Beverage Cups

Vintage Canning Jars Uses

Canning jars then and now are simple, useful and functional.

People began using the jars for other purposes such as for glassware, holding bars of soap or cookie cutters, and even for covers for electrical light fixtures.

The photograph on the right of the Atlas E – Z Seal canning jar has a bail wire and was produced by the Hazel Glass Company. It was made from 1902 to 1964. It is a mold size 7.

I believe it dates from around 1940’s and is missing its glass lid.

Over the years, canning jars were made in a variety of shapes and colors. Some jars colors are pink, violet, cobalt, aqua, amber and clear.

The below photograph shows a newer Ball canning jar. What is remarkable about the jar is the purple color. This canning jar is part of the Ball Heritage Collection. So, It celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Ball brother’s Perfect Mason jars made in 1913.

100th Anniversary – Limited-Edition Jars

For the 100th Anniversary, Jarden Home Brands made these limited-edition canning jars in blue for 2013, spring green for 2014, and in purple for 2015. The jars have an embossed period correct logo on the front and back.

This canning jar is part of the Ball Jar Heritage Collection and is a pint size jar with a lid and band.

Awhile back, I purchased on sale a set of six boxed jars on from Target.

The special limited-edition purple Ball jar was produced in 2015.

Ending Notes on Vintage Canning Jars Blog

In conclusion, during the 2021 year, canning jars are again used for canning. However, there are always people out there who like to collect them for their simple beauty or use them for other purposes.

Collectors are quite interested in the Ball Heritage Collection.

A box of these jars online, price $60.

Canning Jars –A Gem from the Past.

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