Treatment for Rodent Damaged Boxwood Shrub

I’ve been trying to figure out a treatment plan for my wilting boxwood shrub.

Last summer I had a bunny who decided to build her bunny nest right next to the plant’s stem and parts of the plant wilted.

More recently, I’ve seen a chipmunk near this boxwood shrub.

After I saw the chipmunk, I noticed the boxwood shrub started to wilt.

I sent a photograph of my plant into the plant clinic at my favorite garden center.

I’ve been told that my indeed my plant has sustained rodent damage from a burrowing animal which has damaged the roots.  This prevents the plant from absorbing water and, thereby, making it wilt.

My plant is unlikely to recover but I’m going to give it a good try.

Damaged Boxwood Shrub Damaged Boxwood Shrub

To try save this boxwood shrub, I’m to lightly pack top soil or potting mix around the roots and into the burrows.

I am also to use an animal repellant such as Repels All or I Must Garden around the boxwood shrubs.

I’ve yet to do anything yet with this shrub because it has been too cold to do much gardening.

From now on, I am watering the plant when needed.  I’ve been instructed to not trim or fertilize the plant for the time being.

Rat Chipmunk Trap Rat Chipmunk Trap

If all else fails, I still have my trusty black snapper rat/chipmunk trap.

This black plastic trap is easy to load and works well.

Don’t come back chipmunk!

I’ll keep you posted if the boxwood shrub improved or it is needs to be replaced.

UPDATE: 1-30-2021 – I’ve filled in the burrowing holes.

I’ve also read that chipmunks do not like certain smells, so I tossed some coffee grounds behind the bush.  I’ve also crushed a couple cloves of garlic and hung them from the brush.  Lastly, I tossed some hair clippings and a soap sliver behind the bush.

Should be smelly enough, right?

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