Garden Harvest

The First Strawberry Harvest

My favorite time of the year is when we get to harvest the fresh-homegrown strawberries. Today we picked our first strawberries of the season.

There are just enough strawberries for two to share.

They were incredibly fresh, sweet and juicy. I loved the special treat. It seemed that the strawberries this year are sweeter than last year’s harvest.

To keep them from being gobbled up by the birds and other animals, we grow our strawberries in a fenced in area with a removable fenced top.

If you plan to fence in your strawberries, make sure the holes in the fencing are small enough to keep out birds and other small animals.

We worked a lot of organic material into the soil of the strawberries plants. We also water the strawberries frequently.

I notice we have some sad looking birds hanging around the strawberry enclosures but not to worry, there are always a few berries which grow outside of the strawberry cage.

Garden Harvest

First ripe strawberry of the season.

The strawberry patch is something I’ll enjoy all season long. I never seem to get tired of eating these pops of red.

Now to get ready for the blueberry harvest, that’s almost ready too.

Happy Gardening from FMB!

Garden Harvest

Looks like we need to do a little weeding in the strawberry patch.

If you would like to tell us about your garden efforts, please feel free to leave a comment. What is your favorite vegetable to grow?

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