Purple Petunia Blooms

The August Garden

The hot, humid days are still with us and the August garden work continues.

Things to Do in the August Garden

  1. As I stroll through my garden, I note, that the planters on the patio need a little more care. Even though I have watered them, the petunias still look a bit worn out and wilted.

The nice thing about petunias is that you can replant more in your planters to spruce things up. As the days turn cooler, petunias can tolerate a little cold weather and some light frost.

2. If you want something totally new, then fall garden chrysanthemums will shortly be for sale. So, start planning on what colors to buy for your planters or garden.

Purple Petunia Blooms
Purple and White Petunias

3. Some potted plants are in need of a treatment of fertilizer. Be sure to water the plants first, then apply the fertilizer since it has been dry.

4. Repot houseplants giving them a larger crock, if needed, and fresh soil.

5. In about another week or two, plan and plant a fall vegetable garden of broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kale and cauliflower. Sow lettuce seeds after the weather cools.

6. Continue to water and weed plants.

7. Harvest herbs as they should be at their peak right now.

Notes on Trees, Flowers, and Bulbs

It is a good time to plant those large purple allium bulbs.

Crepe Myrtle Trees

Crepe Myrtle trees are In bloom right now. The trees come in small, medium and tall sizes. There is a perfect size crepe myrtle for every garden.

Echinacea Flowers

Echinacea flowers come in lots of striking colors. Sometimes they are known as cone flowers for their seed pods.

After the flower blooms, leave some cones on for the American Goldfinches to eat. Goldfinches pretty much only eat seeds and love the seed cones from Echinacea plants.

Ending Notes on the August Garden

Only a few more days are left in the month but that doesn’t mean all gardening activity should stop.

Try to get some gardening chores done before the cooler weather sets in.

In the hot August weather try to work when the day is cooler, wear your gardening hat, and drink lots of water or other fluids.

Bonus Feature – My Day Today

Interestingly enough, I had coffee with a gal pal at a local park while sitting at a picnic table.

One of the picnic tables had a chess board permanently attached to the top. If you want to play chess, then you go into the gift shop and they will give you the pieces.

Also, stopped in the office and got more information about their volunteering activities.

Lots of unusual things to volunteer for such as making biscuits on a fireplace with school groups, painting pumpkins, and holiday decorating. Fortunately, if you want to bake biscuits, the staff will help you start the fire in the large fireplace.

Only issue is, do I have the time to take on another volunteer opportunity? Not sure on that one.

Resource Sites: www.the spruce.com and www.costafarms.com

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