Actually, getting to a place is part of the fun and that’s what happened on our recent trip to Shepherdstown.

Driving there we passed a variety of vineries, one distillery, and lots of open countryside.

Train Tracks

At one place, we stopped at a railroad track to allow a train to pass by. It has been decades since I’ve stopped at a railroad track. This is because, other than our Metro, we don’t have train tracks in my town. These train cars are in a piggyback fashion.

Piggyback Train Cars

Visiting Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown’s rich cultural history is evident with many historic buildings.

Shephard University is located in the town and I’m told it has a great music program.


This marker gives information about the Shepherd State Teachers College, c. 1872.

Shepherdstown Public Library

The Public Library is also known as the Old Market House. Years ago, there was a whipping post and public hog pen at this location. The top of the building almost looks like steps.

In 1845, the International Order of Odd Fellows added to the building in exchange for a 999-year lease. The Odd Fellows symbol of the Seeing Eye can still be seen above the front door.

Shepherdstown Public Library

Then in 1962, Odd Fellow’s 999-years lease was voided, and the building became the Public Library.

Ending Notes

If you have been following along on Farmhouse Magic Blog, we stopped for lunch, toured the Historic Shepherdstown Museum, and then had a cookie at the local bakery for dessert.

Shepherdstown, WV

The rolling pin is nice touch in the local bakery window.

They also have a brochure for a self-guided historic walking tour you can pick up in the museum.

Shepherdstown has lots of friendly people who will answer questions, historic sites of interest, and is a great destination for a day trip.

Enjoy the day!

Resource Sites: Wikipedia and Historic Shepherdstown, WV-A Brief History and Walking Tour brochure

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