Creative Use of a Second Hand Side Table, ReStore Purchase

I saw this cute second hand table in the Restore shop at their Chantilly location.  I purchased it for only $25.00 thinking I could find a use for it.

It was made by Pottery Barn for a bedroom set.  However, I think it works quite well as a side table in my living room for drinks and snacks.  We also keep the remote control on top in the tray or in the pull-out drawer.

The color matches nicely with our furniture.  The side table is well made and the pull-out drawer has dove tail construction details.

There is a little bit of water damage on the bottom shelf but I can put a magazine there to hide it.  If I someday get ambitious, I could lightly sand and repaint the whole thing but for now it works out fine.

On top of the side table is a 1950ish rectangular shaped vintage aluminum tray with two handles.  It has a pear and apple scene stamped into the metal.

It looks slightly tarnished but still has a lot of life left in it.


Second Hand Side Table Second Hand Side Table

I guess it goes to show you that you never know where you will find a “treat” for your home.

Happy Shopping from Farmhouse Magic Blog!

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