ReStore, Reston

ReStore & the Vintage Oil Can

Today I was in the ReStore shop & the vintage oil can came into my view. It was located near the front register.

After watching many antique shows, gas and oil tin cans are a favorite item for many collectors.

Esso Handy Oil Tin Can

Back in 1959, the Standard Oil Company, located in New Jersey, restructured its United States markets and refineries under the names of Esso, Enco, and Humble Brands.

The below photograph shows a red, white, yellow and blue Esso Handy Oil tin. It has a red cap over the spout and holds 4 fluid ounces.


Esso’s Handy Oil could be used on household items, in the shop, or for automotive care.

The ReStore price on this oil can is $25.00.

Online similar Osso oil tins run anywhere from $20 to $75.

Iconic Oil Drop Man & Woman

If you look closely at the above Esso Handy Oil tin, there is a logo of the happy Oil Drop Man in the lower right hand corner.

The Oil Drop Man was the creation of Esso’s Danish office during World War II. He was used to help explain the gas shortages during the war years.

Then in 1958, the Oil Drop Man was introduced to consumers in the United States by the Standard Oil Company. The Oil Drop Man had a motto which was, “Happy Motoring”. Sometimes the Oil Drop Man and Oil Drop Woman rode together in a nice red convertible.

The Oil Drop Man was so popular that he was on many things such as road maps, key chains, booklets, etc. Today collectors try to find things with his image on it.

ReStore & and the vintage oil tin really is the perfect present for that person who loves to collect vintage oil cans.

Music at Work, ReStore & and the Vintage Oil Tin Blog

As a curious side note, I had a professor who worked years ago for the Standard Oil Company. She said at the beginning of the month, the company would play, calm slow music.

At the end of the month when financial reports were due, the tempo of the music in the office would speed up so people would “subconsciously” work faster. Anyone for a polka?

I guess during those time, Oil Drop Man and Woman could have danced.

Faux Large Banana Tree

This large, potted faux banana tree looks quite real. At least to my eyes, it looks like a banana tree.

It is in a large crock with the price tag showing. To add some greenery to your space, try putting this faux banana tree into your office or family room.

Best of all, there is no watering or care with a faux plant other than to dust the leaves off occasionally.

ReStore, Reston
Large Faux Banana Tree

Box and Lamp with Asian Design on the ReStore and the Vintage Oil Tin Blog

The below photograph shows a lamp and a box with an Asian design.

I’m not sure if they are a matching set but they look very pretty together. The box is of a good size and has a black felt lining to it. On the top of the box, there is a small gold handle.

Each piece was priced at $25 each.

ReStore, Reston

The gold design on the box is a simple Asian garden design with trees, a bridge, rocks, etc.

Brass Fireplace Andirons

The matching brass andirons have log stops.

Andirons can be decorative to add to the look of the fireplace. Or andirons can be functional with the log stops like this set below. The shanks or ends allow the burning logs to rest on them. They function as a fireplace grate by allowing air to circulate under the logs to keep the fire burning. If the logs burn in the middle first, then the shanks also help keep the burning ends in the fireplace area.

ReStore, Reston
Brass Fireplace Andirons with Shanks

So What Did I Buy?

I love my new four curved-tine cultivator. It is made by Ames and has a hardwood handle.

The tines on the cultivator are somewhat bent out of shape, but I know someone who can probably fix this issue. Otherwise, it looks brand new.

As soon as spring comes about, I am going to use it in my garden to remove weeds. No more bending over to pull weeds since this cultivator has a long handle


This garden cultivator helps keep the weeds out of the vegetable garden and the flower beds.

It will also help aerate some of the hard soil around my plants.

My ReStore price for this useful item was only $5 but looking online there is a similar cultivator available for approximately $30.00. The online version is different in that it has a padded upper handle.

Mini Black Clothespins

This package of mini black clothespins is brand new. I thought they would look cute on my desk instead of using paperclips.

ReStore, Reston

These mini clothespins could be also used for craft projects.

Ending Notes on ReStore and the Vintage Oil Tin Blog

All the above items on today’s blog are available for sale this week in the Reston/Herndon area ReStore shop.

A Big Thank You to Paul of the ReStore, Reston-Herndon location, for allowing me to take photographs and blog about the store.

As always, check out your local ReStore shop for bargain prices on things you need.

Research Sites: The Blog at FireplaceMall, Retro Planet, and Wikipedia.

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