ReStore Decorating

I promised my Readers a look at my ReStore decorating skills for the TV viewing area on my first floor.

Tiled Wrought Iron Side Table

On my last trip to the ReStore shop in Chantilly, I purchased a couple of pieces of furniture. The first piece I bought was the below black wrought iron side table and the second, a small desk. This side table is extremely heavy and well-made and I paid $85 for it. It is also in perfect condition with no chips, dings, scratches or dents.

The top of the table consists of three large earth toned ceramic tiles set in a mosaic pattern. The table’s tiles are set with four small slats of dark wood and the bottom shelf has matching dark wood.

I liked this particular side table because the bent legs match the shape of my wooden furniture on that floor. This piece is also very sleek and has clean sparse lines.

ReStore Purchase
Tile Topped Wrought Iron Side Table

It was long past the time to decorate the living room in my house.

Out with the Old Armoire

The room’s huge armoire took up a large area of floor space and could store only a few things.

I think I kept it for so many years because it was custom made by a local woodworker.

ReStore Blog

This wooden armoire actually has rolling and sliding doors but I rarely used this feature.

The inside shelf was made to put a large TV on top, and the VCR below it.

I would like to give this wooden piece furniture to charity, but finding it difficult to do so. No one wants this old piece of furniture as modern TV sets are thin and sleek.

Before taking the armoire to the dump, I would like to give it someone who could reuse the wood.

With all the technology guys in this house, not sure why we kept this old TV set so long, but I always have difficulty getting rid of anything that is still working.

ReStore Decorating

Modern TV sets are thin, inexpensive, and have a much crisper TV screen.

ReStore Decorating Efforts

To decorate the tall wall in the TV area, I first had to first remove the old armoire, TV set and all the wiring. Then I got out my step stool to clean the walls and baseboard.

Thirdly, a new TV set was purchased which fits perfectly on the side table. The old TV was too big to fit on this slim table.

The below photograph shows the newly decorated TV viewing area.

Junk Store Find
Redecorated TV Area

Decorative Wall Pieces

This is a tall wall so I didn’t want use anything too fussy or small.

The center copper-colored angel with a horn was found in a secondhand shop. I believe it is made out of tin and I gave it a copper color wash to simulate tarnished copper.

The large circular dish on the right is a vintage aluminum brand circular dish with two rolled handles measuring about 13 3/4 inches across. On the front of the dish is a design of apples and peaches (?), leaves, and flowers. It is slightly scratched and has some discoloration.


This dish with rolled handles has a lot of interesting features.

The aluminum dish on the left, has two handles. However, I don’t have too much information about this piece.

Both circular pieces were purchased from secondhand stores and probably date to about the 1950’s.

A couple of large plate hangers secures the plates to the wall.

The wooden basket on the bottom shelf was purchased secondhand. It it filled with Pottery Barn throw blankets. It hides some of the TV set’s wiring, but I’m thinking of getting a couple of dark brown baskets for this area.

I hope my Readers enjoy reading my decorating blog today.

Update on ReStore Decorating Blog: 5-3-2022

We took the large armoire out to the front lawn and put a free sign on it. Unfortunately, no one took it, so we sawed it up into small pieces for trash day.

We also found out that this was not solid wood but some type of wood composite material and using our reciprocating saw, it got the job done quickly.

Please note that the ReStore shops of Northern Virginia are run by the Habitat for Humanity organization, a non-profit, providing assistance with housing needs.

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