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So our local ReStore and More store, always has a variety of unusual and interesting collectibles to look through and purchase. Below, are just a few of the many items for sale.

Official Soap Box Derby Tires

What’s not to like about these bright red official soap box derby tires, I found at the local ReStore shop. The tires could be used a paperweights on a large desk. I believe the set sells for $100.

Soap Box Derby Brief History

In checking online, the FirstEngery All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship is to be held this year on Sat., July 22, 2023, at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

The Soap Box Derby came about when newsman Myron Scott who got the idea while watching children racing homemade cars in Dayton, Ohio. Chevrolet liked Scott’s proposal and sponsored the first race in 1934. This is a stem driven/gravity racing classic for both boys and girls. Chevrolet withdrew from sponsoring the Derby in the fall of 1972. Then the rights were assigned to the Akron Jaycees.

The Derby teaches individuals not only how to build the racer but it is also challenging and engaging. It provides an education in science, engineering, math and technology. There are also Soap Box Derby Mini-Car programs where one builds and races a small model car.

ReStore Reston

So, these official soap box derby tires must tell a tale of amateur racing at its best.

Aluminum Pots, Pans & ReStore and More

I like this collection of pots, pans, racks and lids. Some of the kitchenware items look vintage and other look quite new.

For example, the egg poacher is marked with a Komet Logo and looks vintage. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything online about this brand. I’ll keep my Readers posted if I do.

ReStore Reston
Collection of Pots and Pans

Close up of Komet logo. I was able to find quite a bit on Comet, however, that has a different spelling and logo.

ReStore Reston

Travel Trunk, c. 1920’s

The next item to catch my attention, is a travel trunk. It has an information sheet, stating it is from the 1920’s and made out some type of animal skin.

This travel trunk is fairly large with a nice blue lining.

It could store a lot of blankets or pillows.

Sewing Machines

Since I enjoyed making my clothing many years ago, sewing machines are always of interest to me. Yes, I learned to sew on a Singer sewing machine but not this model.

This vintage looking Singer sewing machine comes in a wooden case. There is also a second newer sewing machine next to it.

Restore Reston

ReStore and More, Ending Comments

So way back when, I knew a person who entered a Mini Soap Box Derby racer event. This grade schooler proudly made and painted his small wooden car and even added a small driver. A coin was glued on to the front to make it roll faster down the slope.

However, all the work done on the racer was pretty much not the way to do things. Sadly, the car was slow and didn’t win any of its races. Another student remarked that it wasn’t “aerodynamically correct” because the driver struck out of the top of the car.

In the world of soap box racing, the fastest car wins, but I always like to give a shout out to those who at least give it a try and do their own work.

Whoops too much on the Soap Box Derby, and Happy ReStore shopping too!

A Special Thank You to Paul and Eric of the Reston/Herndon ReStore shop for allowing me to take photographs and to blog about their unique store. The Northern VA ReStore shops are non-profit and run by the Habitat for Humanity.

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