Vintage Metal and Wood Hospital Table

Years ago, I purchased this odd-looking table at a hospital tag sale.  It has metal legs and a very industrial looking metal circular gear to move the table up and down.  The tag sale worked by one person writing their bid for the item on a sheet of paper and then if anyone else wanted it, they would have to bid higher.  Anyway, I was actually looking for a good used typewriter but instead wrote a bid on two tables.  I think this table might have been used in the lab. 

No one else wanted the two tables so I got them both for a grand total of three dollars.  The hard part was getting them home since they both are extremely heavy.  I remember struggling to get them into the trunk of my car.

As things would go, if I didn’t bid on them, they would have probably ended up in a garbage dump.  This was definitely their last chance for a good home.  Over the years, I have really loved my two “recycled” tables.

I, also, like to recycle a lot of the items I use for my farmhouse faux food craft projects like Styrofoam, packing paper, packing sponge material, circular cheese boxes, odds and ends, etc.  I am thinking the cylinder oatmeal box might make a good faux cake roll.  Anyone for faux Party Pink Chocolate Cake Roll?  We’ll see.

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