Perennials Crock Plantings

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This year I decided to plant perennials in crocks hoping that they would withstand the winter.  I usually buy red geraniums or something with a nice flower to it.  Unfortunately, geraniums will not endure the winters in my area.  I am tired of having to buy new plants every summer for my patio crocks.

This year, in my largest crock, I planted a perennial called a heuchera hybrid.  The heuchera has bronze-veined and dappled white foliage.  The plant produces delicate slender stalks of tiny white flowers which are quite lovely to look at.  It is a mounding plant so it should fill the crock up nicely by the end of summer.

Last year in my smaller crock, I planted some thyme which survived the winter.  It’s nice to dash out the back door to get a little fresh thyme when I’m cooking. 

I still have one more crock to fill which I am thinking about.  Another heuchera or herb, or something else?

July 7, 2019 – All plants growing nicely. Also, planted one yellow marigold.

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