Motorcycle Riding Lessons

Over the weekend, we took a trip to a shopping center, when I noticed some motorcycle riding lessons going on in a nearby parking lot.

At first I thought it was some type of safety motorcycle driving classes given by the local police.

Then, I saw a couple of trailers marked with the company’s information. This reminds one of a “mobile” school. Looks like they bring everything they need to teach the class even the vehicles.

A row of orange parking cones was set up in the parking lot and a couple of three wheel vehicles were parked near them. It looked like they just finished a class.

Motorcycle Riding Lessons

Checking out the Website

When I got home, I checked out the company’s website. They apparently offer both 2-wheel and 3-wheel basic rider courses. They also have helmet and gloves rental options.

Those 3-wheel rides look cool. They also have regular motorcycles to ride. When I was leaving the shopping area, I noticed they pulled out several black motorcycles and placed them in a row.


Years ago, we had a minibike which I’m sure is nothing like a motorcycle. Minibikes are two-wheeled, motorized, off the highway vehicles. You gave it a little gas, and off it went. It was easy to ride but also very loud.

During the summer time, we sometimes used it to up to pick up the mail. No, our mailbox was nowhere near our house. Minibikes are also not legal for regular road use. But we had a dirt road for years and it was lots of fun to gun it up the large hill near our house. It would also stir up a lot of dust.

The only issue with our mini bike is, if you rode double, you had to watch the exhaust pipe. This would get hot and you could burn a circle in your leg if you were not careful. Sometime we rode our mini bike with the neighbor’s “grandson” who also had one. We even have a photograph of our mom, who was always one tough gal, riding our blue minibike.

Ending Notes on Motorcycle Riding Lessons

It is always nice to learn a new skill such as motor biking.

As always, be safe and follow the rules.

Happy Motoring!

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