Metro Bike Parking

While out riding around, I saw these Metro Bike Parking pods at one of the bus Metrorail parking lots.

Mini “Bike Garages”

What a great idea to safely park your bike at your local Metro station.

You can rent one of the below photographed bike lockers, stash your bike in it and then on your return trip, just pick the bike up. In fact, they are like a mini garage for your bike.

Your bike stays securely locked and dry plus you have 24 hour access to your bike.

Bike Lockers, Side View

Metro Bike Parking Facts

The units are 4 feet high x 6′ 5″ deep x 3′ wide. This locker fits most standard bikes. There is a one-time administrative fee plus a monthly rental rate for the locker. A key deposit fee is required should you lose or never return your key.

Lockers can be entered for maintenance and inspection. They are provided for the intended purpose of storing your bike, so please don’t try to store other items there.

Ending Comments on Metro Bike Parking Blog

Of course, you can also take your bike on the Metrorail if there is room and it isn’t too crowded.

For those who are health conscious or like to bike, this is a solution of what to do with your bike when you are on your way to work.


Bike lockers help solve the problem of where to stash your bike while at work.

If you like to bike, this is a great storage idea.

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