Lowe’s Fall Display

Over the years, I have enjoyed Lowe’s fall display in the garden section of their store. They always have great Halloween decorations and this year was no exception.

Shopping was on my agenda for today, so I got my list and headed out to local Lowe’s in Chantilly, VA.

Blow-Up Smiling Skeleton Face Part of Lowe’s Fall Display

The below photograph is a large blow-up skeleton face decoration for the lawn or garden. The face has a stitched up smiley face and open eyes. There are two lead lines to keep the Halloween decoration in place. The skeleton face is displayed attractively around a mounding of real pumpkins, plants and chrysanthemums.

Large Blow Up Skeleton Head Decoration

Decorative Skeleton Near Fire Pit

The decorative skeleton in the Lowe’s fall display wears a red Lowe’s vest in jest. No, I don’t believe the Lowe’s vests comes with any of the skeletons in their store. This skeleton is broadly grinning and I love the way they have the fire pit set up with wood. The wood is lite by the use of small lights but I’ll have to come back in the evening to see how the fire pit looks.

This is a fun and playful display but the marshmallows on a stick are missing.


The jolly skeleton sits on bales of hay near gourds and pumpkins.


We have another playful display of a green, (glow in the dark?) skeleton wearing a red Lowe’s vest and a blue COVID mask.

The skeleton decoration sits in a blue rocking chair.

I, also like the way the mums are in a half of a wooden barrel.

Sorry Readers, I’m not sure if this is a glow-in-the dark skeleton display but how eerie that would be.

Lowe’s His & Her Set of Scarecrows

The below photograph shows a His & Her set of scarecrows. The scarecrows wears plaid shirts with hats. They are also each holding a rake for those fall leaves.

The His & Her scarecrows are nestled in the middle of a pumpkin patch with both medium and small sized pumpkins for sale.

HIs & Her Scarecrows in the Pumpkin Area

This ceramic pumpkin is among some white chrysanthemums.

A Big Thank You to the nice Lowe’s Representative in the Garden Center for allowing me to photograph and to blog about Lowe’s fall display.

All decorative items, plants and pumpkins are for sale today at the Lowe’s Store in Chantilly, VA.


I love the fact that each pumpkin price is clearly marked.

Thanks Lowe’s.

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