Light Fixture Cleaning Tips

Dusty Light Fixture Dusty Light Fixture

This morning I realized how dusty my light fixture was.

I’ve always liked this brass candelabra light fixture.  It hangs over my dinning room table and is very noticeable when dusty.

Dusty light fixtures, also, block some of the light from the bulbs.

It makes your whole house look dusty.

The first thing I did was to turn off the light fixture and remove the glass bell lamp candelabra shades.

I carefully washed each shade in soapy water, rinsed with clean water, and dried.

After dusting the brass candelabra light fixture, I returned the glass shades to the light fixture.

I, also, sometimes switch out the plastic “candle” covers when they look too grungy.  The covers generally come in white and off white shades.

Candle white covers are available in hardware, lighting stores or online.  Remove the light bulb, and pull out the old candle cover to measure.  The candelabra candle covers can be easily cut down to fit your light fixture.

Cleaning Glass Bell Shades Cleaning Glass Bell Shades Cleaning Wooden Ceiling Beams Cleaning Wooden Ceiling Beams

After cleaning the brass candelabra light fixture, I decided to wipe down my wooden ceiling beams.

This is an easier project that you think, because you don’t need a ladder only a mop.

I never use furniture polish on the ceiling beams as I don’t want dust to stick to them.  Instead I get a bucket of wood soap cleaning solution which I mix with warm water.

I wring out a rag and place it over the head of the mop and pull the rag down each beam.

Center of Ceiling Beams Center of Ceiling Beams

This photograph shows the cleaned ceiling beams.

All the cobwebs have also been removed using this cleaning technique.

It is also safer in that you will not risk falling off a ladder.

It is nice again to have a sparkly clean light fixture and wooden ceiling beams.

Cleaned Light Fixture Cleaned Light Fixture

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