Japanese Kimono Robe

Today I am blogging about a red embordered Kimono robe I received as a gift about 35 years ago.

It was sent to me from Japan.  My kimono robe is decorated with pink chrysanthemum flowers and, I believe, cherry blossoms along with ivy and a small green bird.

A kimono is a traditional T shaped garment which has been worn in Japan for many ages.  It can be worn by men, women or children.  My research indicates that kimono use goes back to the beginning of the Japanese Heian Period (794-1185).

Complete View of the back of the Kimono Complete View of the back of the Kimono

In today’s world, kimonos are most likely worn in Japan for formal occasions like weddings, tea ceremonies, funerals, etc.

There are at least 12 pieces of clothing that are worn with a kimono.  There are even licensed kimono dressers that will help you get correctly dressed.

Kimono colors are light colors for spring, dark blue for summer, fall would have the colors of falling leaves and for winter bold black or red.

Kimonos are tied with large belts called obis.  Kimono wearers might also wear zori sandals and tabi socks.

It can take up a a year to make a kimono.  Kimonos can be very expensive to buy and even cost as much as a house.

Often prized kimonos were passed down in the family.

Red Kimono Robe Red Kimono Robe

Interestingly enough, professional sumo wrestlers wear kimonos in public at all times.

Japan has a lot of culture, class and respect for others in everything they do.

Even now, many years later, my beautiful red kimono has tons of style and charm.

back of Kimono Robe Back of Kimono Robe

A Special Thank You to a Trail Diva Who Mailed Me this Kimono from Japan All Those Years Ago.

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