Merrifield Garden Center

Hummingbird Feeders

Today I was off to visit my favorite garden center thinking I would add a second blog relating to hummingbird feeders.

While there, I not only found some unique hummingbird feeders but, also, other supplies and a few unusual plants.

Earlier, I learned it is important to keep hummingbird and other bird feeders clean to prevent harmful bacteria. I, therefore, enjoyed seeing the mini-cleaning brushes and “mops” made for this purpose.

Merrifield Garden Center

This garden store carries a wide variety of hummingbird feeders plus hummingbird perches.

Hummingbird Feeding Rings

I thought these hummingbird feeder rings are really cute and clever.

You probably need to train hummingbirds to hand feed and then keep absolutely still.

Merrifield Garden Center
Hummingbird Rings

Hummingbird Feeders and Nectar Concentrates

This display of nectar concentrates is for use in the hummingbird feeders so you don’t have to make your own sugar solution.

One of the bags of hummingbird ready-to-use nectar advertises on the package that the clear formula is dye-free. It is also infused with wild flowers by steam-distilled hydrosols of flowers. This formula is fortified with calcium and electrolytes plus it is all-natural.

Merrifield Garden Center

On the far right, is a window mount hummingbird feeder for close up viewing. There are also bottles of liquid nectar concentrate to fill those feeders.

Bonus Feature on Hummingbird Feeders – Visiting the Garden Center

I really can not stop in this special garden store without looking in the greenhouse. There is always some blooming.

Pink Quill Plants

I love the unique look of these Pink Quill Plants located in the greenhouse section. These plants have bright fuchsia colored bracts which last for months.

It remind me of a pink feather so I’m sure that is how it gets its name.

According the the plant’s tag, the Pink Quill Plants are native to Ecuador. New plants begin to bloom as they mature which takes about 2-3 years.

Merrifield Garden Center
Pink Quill Plants

Peace Lily

This Peace Lily also got my attention with its white and lime-green blooms.

The plant was first found in the Columbian jungles back in 1824 by Gustav Wallis. It is a popular houseplant.

The information tag states the plant grows in low to medium light and to keep it out of direct sun which will burn the tips of the leaves.

This Peace Lily grows in low light areas where nothing else will grow. Apparently, this elegant blooming plant does well even under florescent lighting.

Merrifield Garden Center
Peace Lily

Snake Plants

Years ago, I had two large potted snake plants in my condominium.

They were the perfect indoor plants for me, since they are extremely hardy, will tolerate no water, and continue to grow and grow. They are also not too fussy about how much light they get.

I was told that the plants grow in relation to how much money you will have. I never believed this old wives’ tale, but didn’t want my snake plants to die either.

Well as things go, they became too big for my condominium window so I placed them in the glass lined stairwell for everyone to enjoy.

Well, they were not enjoyed by one person who decided to toss them in the trash without first telling me.

I had these plants for years and years, but the lesson learned here is never put your “money” plants in the common areas of a building.

Merrifield Garden Center
Snake Plants

Ending Notes on the Hummingbird Feeders Blog

I hope you enjoy my trip to Merrifield Garden Center, I know I did.

Hummingbird feeders to Snake Plants, Farmhouse Magic blogs about it all.

A Super Big Thank You to Merrifield Garden Center for allowing me to blog and to take photographs at their garden store. Your store and plants never cease to amaze me.

All plants, hummingbird feeders and supplies on this blog are available for purchase at Merrifield Garden Center.

Resource Sites: Wikipedia and Merrifield Garden Center plant information tags.

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