Handmade Polymer Clay Necklaces

Today our blog is on beautiful handmade polymer clay necklaces. In the photographs above and below, some of the stylish pedants almost look like ivory or green jade.

In reality, these handmade necklaces made of polymer clay are on colorful leather laces.

Polymer comes from polyvinyl chloride and is available in many colors. Arts and crafts stores generally keep it on their shelves.

How to Make Polymer Clay Necklaces

To make these necklaces, first knead to polymer clay to make it smooth and pliable. Roll the warm clay into a ball or line shape or press it into a silicon mold. Use a sharp knife to remove any overlapping clay from the back.

Lastly, remove the object from the mold, paint it, and then bake in the oven to cure it. Be sure to follow the directions for baking on the package.

Handmade Necklaces on Leather Laces

There are a variety of silicon molds available on the market or you can make your own mold by using silicon putty. You can even roll the clay into balls and make individual beads.

Clay Craft

The pedants have holes in the tops to string them from colorful leather laces.

To give the pieces an extra special touch, the paint has a touch of glitter to it.

The pedants are also very light weight to wear around your neck.

All the pedants in today’s blog were handmade by my neighbor. They are a great item to sell at craft fairs. The pedants, also, could be used for teacher’s gifts, party favors, Christmas stockings, etc.

History of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay traces its beginnings to the late 1930’s when Kathe Krause, a German doll maker, experimented with a clay to make doll heads. Krause didn’t like the new clay for her dolls. Sofie, her daughter, found the substance in her mother’s work shop and began to experiment with it. She added plasticizer and color to it, and the results were polymer clay.

Polymer clay is now considered a new fine art medium which is equal to any other art.

Polymer clay objects now have a wider appreciation by both artists and art galleries. Jewelry, furniture, and sculptures made out of polymer clay can be found in many major art museums.

Some art objects made out of polymer clay are very detailed. Artists know how to roll the clay into thin sheets, cut tubes and polish beads.

Polymer clay with a simple beginning has become a true art form.

A Special Thank You to J., my artistic neighbor, who sparked the idea for today’s blog with her handmade pedant necklaces.

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