Halloween Decorating Contest

Farmhouse Magic Blog is always on the lookout for those who go beyond the usual, and I loved this Halloween Decorating Contest display.

Craftsman Auto Care Store’s Halloween Decorating Contest

The Craftsman Auto Care Store in Chantilly, VA is currently participating in a company sponsored Halloween decorating contest. Their store front is full of scary skeletons, creepy spiders, and an assortment of eerie decorations.

In fact, I don’t remember seeing a single area which wasn’t overflowing in gore or frightful sights.

The below photograph shows a gigantic black spider with glowing red eyes crawling over a potted plant.

Halloween Decorating Contest
Giant Black Spider on Web

I initially thought the Craftsman Auto Care Store was somehow associated with Craftsman Tools but that is not the case.

It turns out that the Halloween decorator, also, had some help from his daughter. Many of the decorations are wired for sound and movement, so be careful where you step if you don’t want a scary surprise.

Halloween Decorating Contest

Not sure where this “HELP US” door leads to, but I’m not going through it to find out.

Lots of blood spatter and hand prints decorate the door.

Halloween Decorating Contest

This ghoul looks quite unhappy chained to the wall.

Potion Display

The below photograph shows a deadly display of potions. This is my favorite display in the store. I think it shows quite a bit of creativity with using what you have.

It looks like they gathered up several old bottles and spray painted them gray and black. They then named the bottles Vampire Blood, Acid, Rat Poison and, of course, good old Love Potion 9.

Not sure about the other potions, but I think there might be a few people willing to try a tiny sip of the Love Potion 9.

Halloween Decorating Contest
Table of Deadly Potions

Ending Comments

So what’s in store for the winner of the Spookiest Craftsman Shop? A trip to Transylvania? A year’s supply of fake blood? Or perhaps a night’s stay in a haunted hotel?

No, none of the above. The Winner of the Contest will get bragging rights of a Halloween decorating job well done.

You can even vote for the store that did the best job with decorating.

Halloween Decorating Contest

This hooded skeleton head has eyes that glow.

A big thank you to Steve B. for allowing me to take photographs of the Craftsman Auto Care Store and to blog about it.

Happy Halloween!

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