Going to the Department of Motor Vehicles During COVID-19 Times

DMV Road Test Parking Signs DMV Road Test Parking Signs

Today I had an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my photograph taken for a new driver’s license.

Wow, what an improvement over the last time I was there.  I was out of the office in only 15 minutes!

The last time I was there, I need a copy of a vehicle registration.  It took four hours of waiting the first day and I had to return a second day in which I waited two additional hours.

Outside of the DMV Outside of the DMV

Due to COVID-19, there are no walk in customers and you need an appointment to visit the office.   I signed up for an appointment on the internet.

When you enter the DMV office, you are required to wear a mask, not be ill, and to come about 10 minutes before your appointed time.

If you come early, you will have to wait in your car.  There is an employee outside of the building checking your name off of a list.

As I walked in the door, I waited a few minutes for the person at the desk to be free.  I gave her my paperwork and she referred me to a certain chair.

The chairs were wiped down between each customer.

Front of the DMV with Flags Front of the DMV with Flags

There was only one customer ahead of me at the desk.

After he was finished, the counter top was wiped down.

There was only one slight delay when the credit card machine was not working properly.

That issue was quickly corrected and then I was on my way—very fast, efficient, and clean.

I don’t believe they were doing any driver’s road tests.  All the parking spots were vacant of cars.

All the customers went out the back door in a continuous flow.  I believe the back door was locked, so there was no chance of meeting another customer coming in that way.

I was very impressed with the Department of Motor Vehicles I visited.

Their concerns for safety and cleanliness of their office during COVID-19 times was very impressive.


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