FPV Drone Equipped with Camera

Yesterday we tested out a small FPV Drone equipped with a 120 degree wide-angle HD WIFI camera.

The particular drone we tested was recommended for ages 14 and up.

To operate the drone, it first needed to have the battery charged up.

Flying Drone Flying Drone Drone Controls with Added Phone Drone Controls with Added Phone

Then we connected the drone controls to the telephone.

The drone was first tried out in our backyard but it immediately crashed in to a bush.

We then took the drone out to an empty soccer field which was a much better choice for a new drone pilot.


Drone in Yard Drone in Yard

The drone looked pretty neat flying around.  It has bright red and blue lights on it and four twirling helicopter-like blades.

It takes a little bit of practice to get the drone under control.

The lights are great since it makes it easier to find if it lands in a wooded patch.

After completing the drone testing, we went home to view the video.  We saw a quick snip-it of film for about 29 seconds.

Our technical film director plans to use this drone to help in filming videos with interesting “from the sky” views.


Drone FPV Drone with Camera

Drones are used the by the local public safety agencies to assess flood damage, hazardous material response, help with search and rescue operations, etc.  They are also used by realtors, farmers, conservationists, and many others.

Pilots, or the drone operators, must follow FAA Regulations, safety requirements and airspace restrictions as applicable.

We would love to hear from you if you are a drone pilot.

I recently saw a television show in which a drone was used to find large Burmese python snakes in a Florida wetlands area.

Now what’s your creative use for a drone?

Drone Near Trees Drone Near Trees

Have a Happy Day!

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