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Fashion Blues and Greens

I’m heading out to lunch today, but I thought I would blog on fashion blues and greens. For today, the colors of water and earth accented my online purchases.

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Mail Order Purchases

Tunic of Jade Green

The first item I tried on, was a tunic with a center seam and pockets. The tunic came in the color of jade green.

It was on sale, but it will be perfect in the fall when the weather turns cooler. I love the tunic length and the pockets and sleeves are nicely sewn. The fabric is yummy soft and reminds one of a comfortable sweatshirt.

Tunic, Chicos
Tunic in Bright Jade Color

Blossoms Tunic

The below beautiful tunic has an abstract blossom pattern of happy purple, peach, dark blue, light blue, and white. It has simple lines and classic styling.

All the colors go with a lot of things in my closet.

The center seam runs down the front of this tunic. The tunic’s fabric is comfortable and soft as a baby’s blanket. On me, it is also not too long or too short of a tunic length. It will be fun to wear jeans, pants for leggings with it.

Chico's purchase
Blossoms Center Seam Tunic

Reusable Tote Bag Set in Fashion Blues and Greens

Everyone can use an extra tote bag or two.

This matching tote bag set came with both an extra large tote and a smaller everyday size tote. The bags are printed in fashion blues colors. The bags handles both match to compliment the set.

The totes are great for shopping trips to the mall or grocery store.

They would, also, work for trips to the pool stuffed with towels, or other summertime activities.

I plan to keep this set in my car’s trunk, so I always have an extra bag or two that I can use.

Tote Bag Set
Blue Tote Bags

All Items on Today’s Fashion Blues and Greens Blog are from Chico’s online store site.

The matching tote bags are a free gift from Chico’s. Thank you Chico’s for such a nice free gift and for fashionable clothing for women of all ages and body types.

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