Farmhouse Magic Blog Celebration

Champagne Glasses on a Vintage Aluminum Tray

To kick off the Farmhouse Magic Blog.com, I am thinking of hosting a champagne and cake party.

The year 2019 represents a year of challenges and changes for myself as well as for my readers.

Farmhouse Magic Blog will be there for you to offer craft ideas, recipes, gardening tips and the lowdown on the farmhouse.  I am also working on a Faux Food Craft Booklet which would be great for a person who needs to supply inexpensive faux food for a museum setting, for use in a play, movie setting, or wants to learn a new craft.  Please note, that the champagne glasses were purchased at a second hand store for only .25 cents each.  There are only 11 glasses to the set. Who said that things are cheaper by the dozen!

We hope that you will continue to read our amazing blog.



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