Electrical Outlet and Ants

This week not only did a couple of frisky deer hop my 7-foot privacy fence but there was also an electrical outlet and ants issue, so please let me explain.

Jumping Deer

First, I want to blog about the deer in my yard. While sitting indoors, a couple of deer were near my patio with no fear what so ever. This was a total surprise for me as I rarely have any deer in my yard let alone two of them.

I went outside for a better look and the deer were near the neighbor’s yard who also has a 7-foot privacy fence.

When they got to the fence, they only had to hop over, no running leap, just an easy jump. Sorry do not have a good photograph to post of that.

The Electrical Outlet & Ants

So now for the second blog topic, regarding the ants and the electrical outlet.

For the past week, my patio light was blinking on and off.

I finally got an electrician to check out the situation. It’s a little embarrassing because when he took off the cover for the electrical timer, a swarm of ants and ants eggs came out.

I have never seen an ant in that area before let alone a colony of them under the light switch cover.

I immediately got out the ant spray and vacuum cleaner to get rid of the nest. A handy toothbrush was used to reach in and get the back area of the ant nest.

Ants living in the Electrical Outlet Box
Replaced Outlet

Light Switch Update

After all that was done, the electrician checked out the wiring.

The electrician said the wiring was good and he was unable to find the source of the blinking patio light.

A regular light switch was put in because the electrician said the timer was contaminated by the ants.

So, I’m off to the store to pick up some open photo sensor light bulbs for the outdoor patio light which will fix things up.

Controlling Ants

Now back to the ants, some online sources state that ants in the electrical outlets is a common problem but the ants can damage wiring and equipment.

For some reason I always have ants near my patio and kitchen.

To fix this, I’m going to get ant poison cakes and ant spray to treat the inside and outside of the area near my kitchen.

Ending Remarks Regarding the Electrical Outlet and the Ants

I’m hoping that electrician doesn’t think I’m a horrible housekeeper. Deer and ants, what’s next?

Woops, I spoke too soon because I recently found an 8-inch lizard on my bathroom floor at 2:30 a.m. What a way to start the day!

george.brazil plumbing/electrical.com and bcpest control.com online sites were used to research today’s blog topic.

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