Garden Toad in Window Well

Garden Toad Rescue

We had a sudden rain storm today and the window well started to quickly fill up with water.  My husband saw a garden toad swimming in the window well.  The toad was either washed into the well or jumped in by mistake.

Anyway, I had to think fast, and got out an ice hockey stick to see if the toad would hop on to it.

Unfortunately, the toad wanted nothing to do with the hockey stick and swam away from it.

Toad was finally rescued when I lower a plastic trash can lid and made him hop on to it.  I quickly pulled it up and released toad.

Boy, I bet he was glad to be out of that fix.  I’ll have to leave a stick in the window well so the next time toad can climb out.

This photograph show the garden toad after being rescued.

Garden Toad Garden Toad

I love a Happy Ending.

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