Frederick, MD

Downtown Frederick

Visiting Downtown Frederick wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through charming Carroll Creek Park.

Initially, this area was created as a flood water control project. The Carroll Creek Park is approximately a mile and a half long. It includes pedestrian paths, water features, public art, bridges and even an amphitheater.

Illuminated Boats

During the warmer months, the water is filled with gorgeous blooming waterlilies. However, In the winter, the water holds a string of illuminated boats. I think it is making the best use of an area by a town. The chill in the air did not keep people from walking along the waterway to enjoy the day and to view the boats.

A Large and Small Octopus overtake a White Boat, Carroll Creek Park

Many of the boats have a fun theme about them, so I’m thinking children or the young-at-heart will love the stroll. Looks like a couple of octopuses are getting a free boat ride on this one.

The boats are part of Sailing Through Winter Solstice a competition started in 2016 to raise money for nonprofit charities. Local Frederick businesses can design and sponsor a boat. It started with one boat and is now up to about 30 boats. The boats are in the water from about Thanksgiving to the middle of March each year.

Not only do the boats have to look good and be lite, there are also complex structural elements involved. The boats need to stay afloat and in position during strong winds in shallow water. Some of the boats are weighed down with buckets of cement. There is also a 450-pound weight in front of and behind each boat to keep them from moving into each other.

Frederick, MD

Apparently, the boats and other floating features light up at night This tug boat’s nose lights up.

Frederick believes in public art so please note the zodiac art work on the stone bridge.

Benches and Bridge at Carroll Creek Park

Amphitheater at Carroll Creek Park

There is also an amphitheater for musical performances. Near the amphitheater, a street musician sang a song while playing his harp. The song was in another language, so I’m unable to able to tell my Readers much about it.

Apparently, they also have a summer concert series from June to August.

All in all, this is a delightful place to take a walk.

Frederick, MD
Amphitheater Viewed from the Stone Bridge

Shops and Restaurants in Downtown Frederick

Frederick has a variety of restaurants, tap rooms, coffee houses, and other places to dine at.

Downtown Frederick, also, has lots of one-of-a-kind stores to browse in.

This is a photograph of an outdoor patio.

Downtown Frederick

Ending Notes

In conclusion, the downtown Frederick area has lots of good places to dine at, museums, art galleries, and many antiques dealers. I also loved my stroll through Carroll Creek Park checking out all the boats.

I’ll definitely make a return trip to Frederick to visit more of the antique shops and to have lunch. Everyone I talked to was friendly and helpful.

Frederick is a great place to visit!

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