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I’m not usually too surprised when I open the mail, but today a bit of real estate Creative Advertising caught my attention.

As I went through the mail, I saw what looked to be a card of some type. Thinking it is an invite or thank you note, I immediately open it.

Lotto Ticket

When I looked closer, I noticed it was from Melissa and Ron, our local real estate professionals.

The message on the card read, “When you hit the jackpot, let’s go house hunting!” Enclosed with the card is a new lotto ticket.

OK, I’m good with that and I hope I win because I could use a few extra house perks on my next home that I couldn’t afford the first time.

A two or three car garage would be nice, updated kitchen, bigger bathrooms, and a warmer upstairs are on my wish list.

What would be on your new home wish list?

Real Estate Advertising
Personal Note and Lotto Ticket

Ending notes on Creative Advertising

I’m waiting until everyone get home from work before scratching off my lotto ticket. Who knows, perhaps I’ll be a big winner?

But for now, this card and lotto ticket put a smile on my face and that’s what really counts.

A big thank you to Melissa and Ron for the nice card and lotto ticket. And, I’ll let you know if I win anything and then we can go house hunting.

Update: 10-27-2022 – Sorry to say my lotto ticket was not a winner. In fact, it was actually hard to read as the areas had black marks on them. So, will not be going new home shopping with Melissa and Ron.

Thanks anyway. It’s nice to dream!

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