Clean, Declutter & Shelf Liner Paper

Rolling Liquor Storage Basket Rolling Liquor Storage Basket

It was time to clean up and organize my lower kitchen cabinet today.  I only took one small area to organize so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

I noticed I had a wire rolling storage bin that wasn’t being utilized.

Everything in the area was also very dusty.

Before Photograph of Kitchen Area Before Photograph of Kitchen Area After Photograph of Kitchen Area After Photograph of Kitchen Area

The first thing I had to do was pull out the wire basket and clean it up a bit.

The liquor bottles were also dusty and needed to be wiped clean.

I put the used plastic bags into my recycle area.

Cleaning Wire Basket Cleaning Wire Basket

Business Card Clutter

Business Card Clutter Business Card Clutter

My old business and appointment cards were another huge area of disorganization.

I had business cards from people who had passed away, stores that had gone out of business, old PTA membership cards, and an assortment of old doctor’s appointment cards.

I even a had a card for a person who gave marine animal shows.  Why on earth would I keep that card?

So cards were sorted through and tossed.  I only kept a few important cards effectively reducing my business card clutter.

Decorated Man Hole Cover Decorated Man Hole Cover

Speaking of marine animals, I noticed this decorated sewer grating and man hole cover the other day. 

It is hand painted with bright marine animals. 

The water goes out to the Chesapeake Bay, so they don’t want any polluting items tossed in the drain.

Bonus Feature – Rose Scented Shelf Liner Paper

This box of rose-scented shelf liner paper was given to me as a gift.  It was securely sealed to keep in the rose scent.

This was the perfect time to open the box and line my sweater drawers with the paper.  It was pre-cut, so all I did was place it in the bottom of the dresser drawer and then replaced the sweaters.

It was an easy, quick job which will help me to enjoy my environment a little more.


Rose-Scented Shelf Liner Paper Rose-Scented Shelf Liner Paper Shelf Paper Lined Dresser Drawer Shelf Paper Lined Dresser Drawer

The best part is that when I go to wear one of my sweaters, it will smell like the rose scented paper.

Enjoy your day and . . .

Happy Home!

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