Cherry Trees Bloom

The ornamental cherry trees bloom in the circle out back only once a year. During this special time, it is a precious sight to see. Each tree is full of pink, puffy blooms so perfect in size and shape.

The rest of the year trees are green and look quite ordinary, but come April’s blooms, the enchantment begins.

Every year when the trees are blooming, I take a slow walk under the blooming cherry trees enjoying a quiet slice of nature. The petals slowly fall to the ground with each gust of air.

When the cherry trees bloom, a walk under the trees is almost magical.

It is actually hard to take a bad photograph of these lovely trees in bloom. Each branch is full of multi petal pink flowers.

Close Up View of Cherry Blossoms and Sky

This is a photograph of cherry blooms and the sidewalk

Background on the Cherry Trees Bloom Blog

From my understand of things, many years ago, the builders of the houses planted an ornamental cherry tree in front of each house they built. So it wasn’t long before there was a circle of young cherry trees out back.

In the photograph below, the tree limbs are covered in light pink blooms. The branch is also covered with green lichens.

Cherry Blooms and Branches

Ending Comments

Every year, I walk under these blooming cherry trees, marvel at their beauty and wonders of nature.

Thanks for reading Farmhouse Magic Blog, have a great Monday and long live the cherry trees.

Green Lichen on Cherry Tree Branches

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