Book Club Memories


Book Club Memories

Years and years ago, I belonged to a book club.  The club was started by a woman who lived in my neighborhood.

It was a great book club and I got a lot of good book recommendations.  It met once a month and we talked about whatever books we were reading and what we thought about them.  We went around the circle and everyone got a chance to talk about something.  If you were between books, you could always talk about a movie you had seen.

After a while, I started putting more hours in at my job so I could no longer attend the meetings.  Not to worry, however, since someone would type up the minutes and email them to everyone.  At one point our book club leader, moved to Florida.  We thought that was the end of the book club.  But as it turned out she didn’t care for Florida and driving around in her golf cart.  She said that there wasn’t even a book club she could join as the one in Florida was filled with no new members allowed.  She returned to our area and picked up where she had left off.  She said anyone could join.  The new club would meet at the local library.  At that point, I was lucky if I attended one meeting a year.

Not too long ago, our book club leader moved to another retirement community and the book club was disbanded.

I wanted to thank her for her time and efforts, as well as her quest to keep the spirit of learning alive.  Thanks M.!


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