Beau Goes to School

Beau’s School Days

Beau’s School Days is the topic of today’s blog.

First of all, Beau is a great puppy and his human mom and dad love him dearly. However, like most puppies, he likes to eat and chew on everything. This is definitely a “no, no” for puppies and dogs. Therefore, to keep Beau happy and healthy, an obedience training course was selected and an instructor hired to help him. Beau gets an hour of instruction a day for five days.

Beau Ready for Class, 3-28-2024

Beau’s Training

So far, Beau, had three training sessions but is still learning.

For school, Beau likes to dress up with a black and white bow tie. Beau’s human mom also likes the “schoolboy bow tie” look on Beau. On the above photo, Beau has a serious, ready to learn look on his face.

Ending Notes on Beau’s School Day

At the end of the hour session, Beau is tired out and needs to take a quick nap to recharge. He naps on his favorite dog blanket.

For now, Beau loves to take baths and will soon graduate from his obedience training school.

We will keep our Readers posted on Beau’s school days, his graduation, and his other activities.

Beau Goes to School
Beau Taking a Nap After Class, 3-28-2024

A big thank you to C. and B., Beau’s human mom and dad, for the topic of today’s blog. Also, thanks to C. for the great photos of Beau. Love that Bow Tie!

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