Azaleas in Bloom—Tips for an Easy to Care for Shrub

Azaleas in Bloom Azaleas in Bloom

The photographs taken for today’s blog are the azaleas bushes planted in the front of my house.  They have been there since I’ve purchased the house.

They are easy to care for and I mainly water them throughout the summer to keep them alive.

Azaleas Shown in Narrow View Azaleas Shown in Narrow View

The one thing I’ve learned about azalea plants is to never fertilize them while they are blooming.  If you do, then all the blooms will fall off and the plant will concentrate on producing more greenery.

I’ve had some problems with lace bugs which eat the underside of the leaves.  This makes the leaves look like “lace”.  Lace bugs are easy to treat with the appropriate insecticide hooked to the water hose.

White Azaleas and Hosta Plants White Azaleas and Hosta Plants Azaleas Shown in Narrow View Walkway to House Walkway to House

I have one planting tip regarding azaleas, please plant them far away from the sidewalk or driveways.  Azaleas are good sized shrubs and need space to grow.

These were planted about six inches from the sidewalk and need constant pruning to keep the sidewalk open.

Always try to keep in mind how large a tree or bush is going to get before you plant it.

Farmhouse Magic Blog hopes you are having a Terrific Tuesday. 

Stay Safe and Healthy.

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