Vintage Shera Corp. Tin Pie Slice Server and Ovenex Mini Pie Pans

Now a days, does anyone make or serve homemade pie?  Or is it just too difficult to create pie crust plus a crimped edge?

My mother used a fork to crimp the pie edges, nothing fancy but it was effective.  Myself, I prefer crimping using my fingers.  I love pie crust made of vegetable oil, flour, salt, and several spoons of ice water.

I never liked or made pie crust with butter although most people think that butter makes a better tasting crust.

Vintage Shera Corp. Pie Slice Lifter Vintage Shera Corp. Pie Slice Lifter Vintage Pie Pans Vintage Ovenex 6 inch Pie Pan

Remember how hard it is to cut and remove that first slice of pie from the pie tin?  It never came out of the pan easily was a “sloppy first serving”.

The above photograph on the left, shows a vintage tin pie slice lifter/spatula.  To use one you needed to place the item in the bottom of your tin pie pan.  Then place the bottom crust and filling over it.  Bake the pie as usual with the pie slice lifter still in the pie.

The pie slice lifter will not work with a store purchased pie.

When serving the pie, first cut the pie wedge from the spatula location.  The first piece of pie should come out looking perfect.

The vintage tin pie slice lifter was made by the Shera Corporation out of Hohokus, NJ with the “Made in the USA” stamp on it.

I used this pie server once and it does work.  It is a such a clever design.  I can see it being used in an old time diner with freshly made pies on the menu.

There is an “I” in pie.  “I” want more pie-apple, cherry, or blueberry, yum.

The below photograph shows three vintage mini tin pie pans made by Ovenex.  They each measure 6-inches in diameter.

One pie pan has a starburst design on the bottom and other two have a weave pattern on them.  Each is stamped with the “Made in the USA”.  I think these mini-pie tins date to about the 1950’s.

Collection of Mini Ovenext Pie Pans Collection of Mini Ovenex Pie Pans

This was such a fun topic to blog about.  Who knew there ever was a first slice pie server out there?

Make a Homemade Pie Today!  Do you prefer Pie or Cake for dessert?

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