Aluminum Trays and Plates, My Collection

Kitchen Wall Aluminum Collection Kitchen Wall Aluminum Collection

Aluminum Trays and Plates, My Collection

While thinking about a blog topic, I totally forgot about my aluminum tray and plate collection.  Featured is part of my collection today.

This photograph shows my kitchen wall.  I have an open floor plan in my house with only one weight bearing wall.  My living room, dinning room and kitchen flow into each other with a beamed ceiling.  On the kitchen wall I have an eclectic collection of odds and ends.

The far left dish was an odd one found at a junk store.  It is marked Winsor Ware FB & C, Johnson Bros., England, Garden Bouquet.

Everlast Forged Aluminum Everlast Forged Aluminum

Aluminum trays and plates were often given as wedding gifts during the 1950’s.  This is the first plate I picked up in the Good Will.  I love the bunches of grapes that are punched into the dish.  It is marked with Everlast Forged Aluminum.

Aluminum items with markings are more valuable than those without.

Hand Forged Everlast Metal Tray with Handles Hand Forged Everlast Metal Tray with Handles

This tray was given to me by a dear friend that I used to work with.  Apparently it belonged to her aunt who passed away.

The oval tray has two handles.  It has has a bouquet of flowers pressed into the center.

It is marked Hand Forged Everlast Metal on the back.

Circular Aluminum Tray Circular Aluminum Tray

This circular aluminum tray/plate has a rough saw tooth edge.  It is printed with a flower design.

There are no markings on the back of the tray/plate.

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