The Golden Hour

A Winter’s Sunset

We were picking up sandwiches for dinner, when I noticed a winter’s sunset in the sky. It was during the “golden hour” right before the sun sets.

I snapped a few photographs with my camera but usually it is hard to get a good photograph while in a moving vehicle.

It goes to show you that there is beauty in nature when you least expect to see it.

The First “Golden Hour” Photograph

So in the below photograph, you will notice the rows of cars nearing a traffic light nothing very glamorous about that.

But when your eyes go upward, a cluster of pinkish-purplish clouds stretch across the sky in an artistic fashion. The stark winter trees are absent of any leaves. So their bare branches over the blue and pink sky gives the photograph a little more interest.

Golden Hour
A Winter’s Sunset and Traffic

The Second “Golden Hour” Photograph

In the second photograph, we are nearing the intersection, notice the red and green traffic lights above the roadway.

There is also a housing complex on the left side of the photograph but the rest of the photograph is in black tones.

I also love how electrical lines interact with the sky cutting it into neat even slices.

The Golden Hour
A Winter’s Sunset

Ending Comments on A Winter’s Sunset Blog

I’m getting a little tired of the cold weather and leafless trees.

But then, again, life would be dull without a few gorgeous winter sunsets to look forward to.

Enjoy your day, stay healthy, and remember those New Year’s resolutions!

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