Pop of Spring Bulb

A Pop of Spring

Well, here at Farmhouse Magic Blog, I’m already dreaming of a pop of spring. So, while shopping at my favorite garden center, I noticed that the paperwhite narcissus bulbs are on sale for half price.

Immediately, three blubs went into my shopping cart because what says spring more than some flowing bulbs. Albeit, most times, people plant Paperwhites around the Christmas holidays. However, this is a perfect reminder of spring and makes for a little brightening up in my gray winter days.

Paperwhite Bulbs in Bunny Planter

Planting Paperwhite Narcissus

The bulbs I purchased are large, healthy looking and already had green stems sprouting out. Apparently, the bulbs are a product of Israel.

Pop of Spring Bulb
Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs ready for Planting

In my part of the country, after Paperwhites bloom, I toss them out. If planted in my garden, my winter is too cold, so they never come up.

Planting Paperwhite Bulbs

The directions with the bulbs said to put them in a container filled with water and pebbles. Place the container in a sunny location with 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. The blubs will flower in about 4-6 weeks after planting. They can be planted anytime from October to March.

Apparently, you can also plant them in soil but they need to have moist roots.

So my paperwhites, went into a cheerful bunny planter which I filled with water. Please note, the planter does not have a drainage hole in the bottom.

Plant Bulbs in Intervals

As per the directions, if you plant the bulbs in three to four week intervals, you subsequently, will have Paperwhite blooms for a few months’ time.

Blubs in Bloom Note: It is possible to have 100 days of bulb booms by combining different types of bulbs. For instance, from the early Snowdrop blooms to late summer blooming Alliums.

Ending Notes on Pop of Spring Blog

A pop of spring is anything that makes you happy and hopeful for spring days ahead.

I’m looking forward to my Paperwhite blooms.

So, I hope you are enjoying your own pop of spring whatever that may be.


Pop of Spring

2-7-2023 – Two of my Paperwhite bulbs have very tall green stems but no flowers yet. I’ve been keeping the rabbit dish full of water.

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