50 Shades of White Paint

Salt, Sugar, and Cotton Balls with a Silver Switzerland Spoon 800

I am going to paint my utility shed white.  It a small windowless room with a cement floor where my water heater and furnace are located.  This year I had a persistent leak on the floor due to a clogged condensation line issue.  I, also, need to get the utility shed’s door sill painted since a bunch of paint has worn off towards the bottom.

I stopped at the hardware store and picked up a paint color sample sheet for the color white.  There are over 50 shades of white paint. 

Some paints have food in their names like mocha, coconut, coffee, sugar and almond.

Others more likely describe a wedding dress such as veil, lace, silky and ivory.

Here’s the name I would give to my white paint samples:  100% Cotton, Salty, White Birthday Candle, and Sugar/Sugar.

What color white did I choose to paint my utility shed? The color “Sleek” a very bright white shade.  Boy, “Sleek” that perfectly describes my utility room.

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